About Monjurul Islam MEGH

Megh is a Bangladesh Government’s feature film grand wining Screenwriter, Filmmaker (He is the first winner of this award who are under 30). But his talent was blocked and his film grants were taken away. He is a pioneer of free thinking and freedom thinking. Megh emerged as a powerful voice in Bangladesh’s Literary, Film, Arts and Social Activities in the early 2008.

Megh is the worldwide Film, Writing and Humanitarian personality. He is an honorable member of National and International Organizations. He was participated lots of International Film Festival as Jury/ Coordinator/ Delegate and also participated in International Literature Program, Arts Festival and Social Activities.

Basically he is a Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Film Critics, International Jury, Poet, Writer, lyrist, Novelist, Journalist, Researcher, Painter, Graphic & Web Designer, Motivational Speaker, Business Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur and Social Activist.

Global Personality:
Festival Director
CinemaKing International Film Festival

Festival Director
Boimala International Book Fest.

Festival Director
Bengal Original Cultural Festival

Media Personality:
Editor in Chief
World News of Bangladesh (WNB)

Editor in Chief
Film & Festival News

Social Personality:
Executive Director
Moral Education for Growth Humanity Foundation

Organizational Personality:
Secretary General
International Film Festival Alliance (IFFA)

World Writer & Publisher Parliament (WP)

Business Personality:
Managing Director & CEO
Moralook Limited (Publication, IT, Supplier, & Contractor)

Managing Director & CEO
CinemaKing Limited (Film Production, Distribution, Consultancy)

Social Entrepreneur :  
Dhaka Festival -> www.dhakafestival.com
Netsee eShop -> www.netsee.net
Give the Food -> www.givethefood.com
Megh Water -> www.water.meghfoundation.com

Educational Entrepreneur :
Institute of Bangal Language -> www.banglalanguage.net
Life School -> www.school.megh.info

Monjurul Islam Megh is First Bangladeshi Mobile film director. He made 8 short film by Mobile phone when he read in school, during 2008. Monjurul Islam MEGH’s Directed debut Full length Feature Film “MYNA- I want to be Mother” produced by Jaaz Multimedia, which is the biggest film production and distribution company in Bangladesh. MYNA will be release the 8th February, 2024. Also he directed some short film.

His Second film name “Where are my home?” on pre-production stage, this film will make on English language.

Monjurul Islam MEGH starting writing when he was 6 year old. His poem was most viral when he read in class. He  wrote some Research book; some literature book will publish in upcoming book fair in February, 2024.

International achievement:

  • Jury at Atlas International Film Festival 2024, Morocco
  • Jury at Veracruz International Film Festival 2023, Mexico
  • Jury at Nrityam International short Film Festival 2023, India
  • Jury at Kautik International Film Festival 2022, India
  • Jury at Chicago International Film Festival 2022, America
  • Jury at Aporia International Village film Festival 2022, South Korea
  • Jury at Suvabori Bengal Film Festival, Kolkata
  • Jury at Pumbujan international Film Festival 2022, Philippine
  • Jury at Gulf of Neople international film festival 2021, Italy
  • Jury at Nrityam international film festival 2021, Odisha, India
  • Chief Jury at NEZ International Film Festival 2020, Kolkata, India
  • Jury at Sprouting Seed International Short Film Festival 2020, Maharashtra, India
  • Jury at New Normal International Film Festival 2020, Gujrat, India
  • Jury at Bettiah International Film Festival 2020, Bihar, India
  • Jury at Roshani International Short Film Festival 2020, Maharashtra, India
  • Jury at Rajasthan International Film Festival 2020, Rajasthan, India
  • Festival Director (Asia) at Istanbul International Nartugan Film Festival (IINFF) 2021, Italy
  • Youth Ambassador at Indian Children and Youth Film Festival 2021, India
  • Coordinator (Bangladesh) at Indus Valley International Film Festival 2020, Delhi, India
  • South Asian Coordinator at the International Children and Youth Film Festival, (Golden Butterfly)2019, Georgia
  • Coordinator/Representative (Bangladesh) Guwahati International Film Festival2019, Assam, India
  • Coordinator/Distributor at 2nd Sirahununi International Film festival 2019, Batticaloa (East Sri Lanka)
  • Coordinator/Distributor at Kashmir World Cinema Festival2019, India.
  • Coordinator/Representative (Bangladesh) Guwahati International Film Festival2018, Assam, India
  • Communication Coordinator (Bangladesh) at SAARC Film Festival 2018, Sri Lanka
  • Coordinator at 1st BIMSTEC Film Festival 2017, Bangladesh
  • Communication Coordinator (Bangladesh) at SAARC Film Festival 2017 Sri Lanka

* (15) Best Film Award by Metropol Film Festival 2023, Spain
* (14) Delegate Award by Kautik International Film Festival 2022, Uttorakhand state, India
* (13) Delegate Award by Kabbotori Literature Award, 2022, West Bengal, India
* (12) Honurable Mention by BPI Bhondhon, 2022 Dhaka Bangladesh
* (11) Bangladesh Government’s feature film grand winner, year of 2019-2020 to Information and Broadcasting Ministry
* (10) Certificate of Keynote presenter from Latin American Literature Society 2020, Mexico
* (9) Certificate of Keynote presenter from the 3rd International Arts and Cultural Festival 2020, Cost Rica
* (8) Corona Warriors Honor Appreciation Certificate 2020 by Ansari Vikas Charitable Trust, Hyderabad, India
* (7) Received the certificate for presented article 2019 in Vishashaba at Visha Bharati Univercity, Wast Bengla, India
* (6) Delegate Award by Guwahati International Film Festival 2018, Asam, India.
* (5) Social Entrepreneur Award 2017 by Citizen Open Foram, Dhaka
* (4) Cambrian Education and BSB Group – Best Writer Award 2014
* (3) Best Book Award 2014- (Ekushe Book Fair Bogura)
* (2) British Council: Social Enterprise challenging award 2010 – National Championship, Team Leader of BPI
* (1) HSBC ProthomAloBhasaProtijog 2010 – National Championship

And lots of award winning on cultural, sport, debating in School, College, University.

Job Experience:
(h) Executive Editor at The Parliament Face
(g) Head of News at National Daily Bhorer Alo
(f) Consultance at Nokkhotro Cholochitro
(e) Graphic Designer at Rainbow
(d) Motivisional Speaker at YouYouth bangladesh
(c) Lecturer of British International School and College
(b) IT Executive at Paikar Group
(a) Daily Kaler Khabor

Monjurul Islam Megh starting his social and cultural Activities during school life and he starting his career as an IT entrepreneur and Journalist when he read in college.

Organizational Experience:
Member of Bangladesh Film Director Association
Member of South Asian Creative Heritage, Delhi, India
Member of Cinetour / International Committee of Sustainable World Film Festivals, Turkey
Member of National Creative Arts Foundation, America
Associate member of IEB (Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh)
Founder President of BPI Bondhon
Former President and Secretary of LEO Club (Sponsored by Lion Club International)
Former Founder President at Bogura Cultural Society (BCS)
Former Founder President at Mon Shilpi Bon

Monjurul Islam Megh starting his Organizational Activities during school life, He writen and directed school stage drama. He was playing founder and President rull of organization whe he read in School.

Personal information:
Name              : Monjurul Islam Megh
Father              : Abdul Baset
Mother             : Morium Begum
Nationality          : Bangladeshi
Marital Status    : Single
Sign                    : Leo
Blood Group      : O+ (O positive)
E-mail                 :  wnewsbd@gmail.com
Facebook ID      :  Monjurul Islam Megh
Facebook page  :  Megh

Official Contact: +8801917195024, +8801758447967, +8801682851826